Cumulus electric height-adjustable desk is the perfect choice for anyone in need of a new, high-quality workspace solution. Its stylish minimalist design and sturdy metal base make it a top seller, and the triple telescoping column offers stability and support. The up and down tilt sensors allow you to customize your comfort level, and the base is available in white, silver, and black to suit any personal style. The cable tray is sleek and minimalist, and the tabletop is made from melamine-faced board that is produced in high eco-standards, ensuring that it is both high-quality and sustainable. It is available in a range of colors and wood finishes to fit any office decor. The Cumulus electric height-adjustable desk is a reliable and fashionable choice for any workspace.

Our L-shaped Cumulus has a table top that is designed with free-standing 3 legs to provide optimal mobility and comfort, thanks to the ample leg room. The rectangular legs, with a larger leg at the bottom for stability, are elegantly designed and based on the latest technology for height adjustment control, ensuring reliable and comfortable use.

table top with cable gromet cut out
table top with back curved edge


Adjustable height Yes
Powered by Electricity
Frame width 1740 - 2150 mm
Length of side frame 1555 – 2145 mm
Stroke 660 mm (615 - 1265 mm ±5 mm)
Lift capacity Max 150 kg
Speed 40 mm/sec
Standby power 0,3 W
Noise level < 42 dBa
Dimensions tabletops 1750 - 2650 mm x 700 - 1100 mm
  1560 - 2400 mm x 700 - 1100 mm