The Cumulus Twin Desk is designed to provide an ergonomic work environment for two individuals. It features a continuous height adjustment control, allowing the user to easily customize their workstation to their desired height. The desk’s robust and flexible design can be adjusted lengthways, making it adaptable to various desktop sizes. Additionally, the desk includes a cable management system, with a central tray option, ensuring that both users have a clutter-free workspace. The desk is equipped with the latest technology in height adjustment control, ensuring reliable and comfortable operation.

table top with cable gromet cut out
table top with back curved edge

Adjustable height Yes
Powered by Electricity
Frame width 1150 - 1740 mm
Stroke 660 mm (605 - 1265 mm ±5 mm)
Lift capacity Max 100 kg x 2
Speed 40 mm/sec
Standby power 0,3 W
Noise level < 42 dBa
Dimensions tabletops 1160 - 2200 mm x 700 - 900 mm