C3 conference

C3 desk with C frame for meeting tables in a robust design, with electric height-adjustment, allows the creation of an ergonomic and flexible work environment at tables where many people meet.

Because C3 can be assembled together with any table top and is available in a range of sizes, creating a table to suit the needs of the business or activity is easy. Rectangular legs in an elegant design

rectangular table top



Adjustable height Yes
Powered by Electricity
Frame width 2295 - 3495 mm
Stroke 500 mm (615 – 1115 mm ±5 mm)
Lift capacity Max 100 kg
Speed 30 mm/sec
Standby power 0,3 W
Noise level < 42 dBa
Dimensions tabletops 2300-4000 mm x 800-1200 mm